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Glad to hear about a man of character

Many people witnessed a car pursuit yesterday in the Los Angeles area. While being pursued, the robbers started to toss handfuls of money out of their car in an attempt to create mayhem.  A man, Mr. Reyes, in South Central L.A. picked up some of the money off the street and returned it to the police, while the rest of the shameful society of this part of town begged the robbers to toss more. I am so glad to see that even at the lowest and most despicable time in our city’s history, there are people who still recognize right from wrong and are not ashamed to put it to good use.

It doesn’t take a huge amount of brain power to recognize why some are so enthralled by the present administration; and it’s not getting political, but just stating facts. The Obama administration has fostered the idea that people are owed. In this case, since the money was robbed from a bank, it becomes fair game for everyone to have a little taste.

It is a moronic justification, but the facts are there in plain sight. People are in the middle of a madrasah of sorts, a place in time where people are being indoctrinated into the world of dependency rather than the world of free thinking. Radicalized in a way that accepts these followers are akin to being sheep and no longer counted as viable members of our society.

Well, it just so happens that there is liberated people out there that don’t drink this Kool-Aid. Open minded folks willing to buck the tide and act their conscience and in so doing, set an example that is worth following. Kudos to Mr. Reyes! Regardless of the amount that was returned by him to the police, his actions need to be made public time and time again by all media, as showing this man’s strength of character, will show the other side’s poor quality and lack of judgment. To the beggars asking for money to be thrown to them, all I can say is that pocketing that money makes you as filthy and as much of derelicts as those that held up the bank. No more than common thieves encouraging thieves to see you as their tools for the next bank job. Not exactly a badge of courage, but instead, a badge of shame. Something I’m sure nobody will be proud to share…


California- Moving into the Purple Region?

Are Californian’s finally coming into their senses and moving the State a bit into the Purple Regions? I really hope so. California’s Liberal politicians have gone over the top in being way too cocky in their thinking that they can do no wrong? That they can over-step the boundaries of common sense and do at will what they dare to criticize of members of the opposition? Personally, I feel that for some the time is coming closer and closer to the end of the line.

Take Governor Jerry Brown. He lied and cajoled his way up the election ladder the last election by bringing into focus an illegal alien’s fake boo-hoo-hoo story when in fact the State of California needed Meg Whitman more than it needed an eternally useless aging has been politician that had nothing left to offer to the State but rear-end union kissing, raising taxes and stupid platitudes. A colorful character full of anecdotes and off the wall sayings is not at all what the Golden State needed at the moment, but just the same the bellicose nature of the California voter, rather than seeing the reality of the circumstances and making a smart albeit tough choice, went down the easy road and placed this poor excuse for a leader in power once again. I suppose that the satisfaction of going down the road to destruction with a geriatric and less than capable governor gives a certain amount of pride for some, but again, the time is coming when even the most fervent members of the Blue Party will not be able to justify putting millions in peril just for the sake of staying Democratic.

The first one that I feel very strongly will be sent down the road to the pasture is Senator Feinstein. She has been ineffective and completely unaccomplished long enough. Oh, periodically one hears a bit of chairs rustling in her neighborhood, but she has been a guest of our tax dollar for forty plus years and has very little to show for it, but the last straw was the fact she felt so powerful as to not answer an interviewer’s questions really sticks in some of her follower’s throats, as it makes the entire Democratic Party look like they are not worthy of being accountable. The fact she did the Eastwood empty chair, was funny, but patting the interviewer in the condescending manner she did and leaving without a look back was enough for many to say- Enough is enough.

We are lacking proper representation from the federal people as it is and plans are for a heavy duty change come November. On the other hand, California needs to have some very needed changes in order to get the hum-mm back in our State. Why not start with electing Feisnteins challenger and go from there. Next Boxer and Pelosi, Waxman, Maxine Waters and any other useless piece of drift wood we have over there, but we must also make changes to the State’s legislature. Subject for another day…

Clint, baby…!! You rock…

While this blog is about California and this topic is from a national political event, Clint Eastwood is one of us and his participation at the GOP Convention was one heck of a stellar performance that needs to be recognized. Granted, a bit over the top for many critics from the other side, his unscripted and completely off the cuff parody of a conversation with President Obama was nothing short then brilliant.

While the routine, from the looks of the many negative comments, was less favorable with members of the Democratic/Liberal Media and their followers, let’s make sure it’s understood that “Dirty Harry” is not a stand-up comedian; and his routine was a vehicle to reach the ears of those sitting on the fence not fully decided as to which way to go. For the heavy critics and rude commentators, we get it, guys…

You are a dedicated bunch of Obama fans that will not accept any sort of negative point of view towards your lord and master, but the facts are what they are and Eastwood brought forth in his slow cadence and long pauses the meat of the problem in a very sophisticated and elegant way that was clear and to the point – “Mr. Obama, you have lied and not met your promises as dictated of the leader of a nation in need”

In the charming charade, Old Clint came forth and stood in front of thousands of attendees and millions of viewers and delivered a fatherly note to a sitting president who has failed to meet the nation’s challenges, who has blamed his predecessor for everything, a leader who has failed to enforce unpopular but necessary laws, who has not done anything to better the conditions of the nation, one that has incurred insurmountable debt, placed our soldiers in Afghanistan at risk by his penchant for stardom and one that has prostituted himself and sold the values of our nation for the sake of remaining in office.

The spoof was paced a little long, granted, but delivered in a manner becoming of a gentleman chastising his president for lacking in resolve and completely devoid of any leadership; and for that, I thank our California citizen, Mr. Clint Eastwood. It took guts to stand there in the nakedness of a political rally and deliver a pointed satire of political nature while poking fun at self and while fully understanding his routine would be fodder for the contrary media to exploit over and over. To the savvy listener the message was crystal clear- “The country is in trouble and it needs help and if I have to make a fool of myself to help, so be It.”; and for that, Clint, yes sir…  – Go on…!!!  Make our day…!!

Can California afford to be such a Blue State?

No secret…!  California is a very Blue State. The lack of balance between Democratic Party to the GOP has created a stagnation of outrageous proportions that the State can no longer afford, but the fact is this imbalance will be around for many years to come and so will the strange and meaningless laws and regulations produced by the Democratic led legislature will be the death of what once was a well rounded and progress thinking State which has now turned to a government dependent society with very little forward motion.

While the economy of the Golden State flounders, the very expensive to operate legislature uses what should be smart working time in such idiotic rhetoric as;

AB 9, authored by Tom Ammiano (D-San Francisco), requires schools to implement bullying complaint procedures and alternative discipline policies for bullying.

AB 69, authored by Jim Beall (D-San Jose), grants counties access to the Social Security Administration to determine seniors who are eligible to receive food stamps.

AB 300, authored by Fiona Ma (D-San Francisco), imposes minimum standards for sterilizing, sanitizing and maintaining safety at body piercing, tattoo and permanent cosmetic businesses.

AB 341, authored by Wes Chesbro (D-Arcata), requires recycling for businesses and apartment buildings of more than four units that have more than four cubic yards of waste per week.

AB 959, authored by Brian Jones (R-Santee), allows welfare and food stamp recipients an extra month to file quarterly reports.

AB 1156, authored by Mike Eng (D-Monterey Park), revises the definition of bullying, gives bullied victims priority for transferring schools and requires bullying-prevention training.

AB 1215, authored by Bob Blumenfield (D-Woodland Hills), mandates used vehicle dealers to participate in a program for flagging salvaged and junk as well as raises the maximum document-processing fee for vehicles.

AB 1424, authored by Henry Perea (D-Fresno), mandates that the state suspend licenses from the state’s highest tax delinquents.

SB 190, authored by Alan Lowenthal (D-Long Beach), changes the enforcement of mechanics liens and requires a person to forfeit his lien if he includes labor or materials in a claim.

SB 222, authored by Noreen Evans (D-Santa Rosa) and Elaine Alquist (D-Santa Clara), ensures that all women receive maternity coverage regardless of their health insurance policies.

SB 424, authored by Michael Rubio (D-Bakersfield), authorizes a design professional to convert a lien assuming that certain requirements are satisfied.

SB 510, authored by Lou Correa (D-Santa Ana), authorizes a broker to appoint a manager of a branch office and delegate supervising responsibility to him.

SB 841, authored by Lois Wolk (D-Davis), imposes indemnity obligations on local agencies that fail to obtain approval.

And this is for July only. Not one fresh idea about how to fix the State’s economy, not one inkling of how to bring jobs back to the State, no indication what-so-ever about how to fix the immigration problem, gang violence, high utility prices, so my question is, why should Californians’ sustain the cost of operating this aberration of a legislature on a full time basis when what they do is worth nothing more than just a pile of beans?

I look at States that have made the leap and backed real change into the GOP, with politicians of good background in knowing how to fix things and all have been a complete success. Every single State of the Union that has elected a smart GOP governor, has balanced their budgets; and done so without raising taxes, they have taken the powerful unions and come out ahead based on logic and long term planning, they have made great leaps into modifying the education systems and have brought hope and benefits to the students, teachers and parents. In California, we can only boast of being so dumb that we allow ourselves to be hoodwinked by a professional politician with a very poor history in all manner of political success. A failed governor, a failed presidential contender-twice, a failed candidate for U.S. Senate, a failure as Mayor of Oakland, a total unknown as California Attorney General and lastly, a trickster that used lies and deception to gain momentum in what he knows to be a State of non-thinkers that will drink the political correct Kool-Aid his sort serves morning, noon and night. The end result has been of once again, Californians have lost the opportunity to gain ground in growth potential. It has mired the wheels of progress in the abundance of bull excrement these politicians dish out on a regular basis. On the other hand, there is hope for a better tomorrow if only reach down into the gut region and learn once again to think freely and independently. We can no longer afford the sheep mentality that has brought California to the abyss. We need to reach down and grab the gear lever, put it in reverse and make the necessary changes to make California a viable place to call home again…

Start by forcing the legislature to become a part-time legislature. Like Texas, where they meet when important business is necessary. It saves money and it helps the citizens. Our legislature and governor sit in heavy padded beautiful leather chairs thinking of nothing but stupidity; and this has to stop…  Dare to make a change…!!!

Unemployed in California? You need to read this…

California has been suffering from an unemployment rate of between 10.8 and 11.1% for a long time now and it’s doing little about it. The legislature of the so called Golden State has been recognized and one of the most unfriendly group of fools towards the job creators and this has created a massive outflow of companies leaving the State for better and more beneficial environments somewhere else, but there is one more and very laughable department that we must not forget to mention, but that we should be considering doing something about- I refer to the mighty and extremely lethargic EDD –

The Employment Development Department, better known as the EDD, just happens to be the biggest and most expensive joke of the entire California State Government group of lousy departments for the simple reason that starting with the name, it is the most insulting department to deal with, followed by the DMV, but that’s a separate and up-coming story.

The Employment Development Department, DOES NOT develop any short of employment what-so-ever, other than do provide jobs to their massive staff which is distributed all across the State, but has no actual offices where an applicant can actually walk in and talk to a human being about getting some sort of assistance. Where is years back, the department actually provided applicants in need with leads to actual jobs, this practice has been discontinued, along with basic stuff, such as answering the phone, showing some sort of concern for the applicants needs or the supplying of any sort of courtesy, the department is manned by the most ill-mannered group of thugs who delight in being short and rude if and when, by appointment based on their time only, they grace the applicant with a phone call, which based on Gestapo practices, they send you a note, with a date and exact time they will call; and heavens save the people if one misses the call, as the applicant will be screwed forever before the anointed ones grant you another audience.

In the end, the unemployed applicant really has no control of what takes place in the least. Try sending an email- The departments method of choice for communication; and very much like the rest of the actions this department takes, is shielded by anonymity and rude comments that leave the questions unanswered, and problems still unresolved, and the applicant completely stressed out and without any sort of resolution to the problem.

Mired by strange formulas and the weirdest of regulations that someone copied from something not even remotely close to being a logical employment based manual, these silly people enjoy the power of referring the applicant to the magic of the California Employment Handbook, a meaningless and useless rag better suited for birdcage lining material, than an information source, these people don’t do anything at all that can be construed as being of great assistant for those with a problem of locating work, so my question is and still remains- Why in hell do we need to be paying a huge number of useless union protected employees that are supposed to be helping fix the enormous unemployment problem in our State, but are not doing anything even close to it???  In my opinion, the State of California would do much better; and save huge amounts of tax money, by subletting the function of making the Unemployment Insurance payments and handling the claims to an independent company like ADP, Ceridian or even Oracle. These companies have the necessary juice to make the claims flow fast and efficient and save loads of money to the State. It is money that the citizens of the State will not have to pay in the form of increased taxes, benefits and pensions for a massive number of unnecessary workers.

If reform is to take place in California, every citizens needs to get involved in making a change. Why not start with this department. To recap, the EDD is not helping resolve the unemployment issue, all they do is make payments and they are never available to help in person or phone. Do we really need the burden of paying for a service we get nothing from???  Act now. Write your representative and demand the EDD be closed.

More California silliness…!!!

In what is a confusing sort of affair, in Cali we can boast of having one of the highest unemployment rates, plus one of the highest migration of job providing businesses due largely to the fact Cali has one of the most unfriendly business climates. I fail to realize as to what drives the State’s legislature to think that by mistreating the business people, they can actually produce more needed revenue, but it doesn’t stop there. As more money is needed to keep this collection of useless individual sitting in their nice comfy plush leather chairs while diddling one another, their solution is to raise taxes. On the other hand, there is also the glorious EDD (Employment Development Department)…  Yeah, baby…!!  A grandious name for the most useless department in the entire system. First, the EDD does not develop any sort of employment other than for themselves and as for being a viable department, a person in need of assistance can never get anyone on the phone, as they refuse to answer. They operate in anonymity and periodically will answer  queries by email, so my question is- Why in the hell does California really need for this over-bloated department when it doesn’t do squat. My opinion and strong suggestion- The EDD needs to be closed and the job given to outsources that can do much better at huge money savings. This idea should help bring the need for revenue much closer to its goal…   Contact your corresponding member of the legislature and make a complaint. The worse thing to do is to keep quiet…  It’s our State and we all need to get involved.