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More California silliness…!!!

August 6, 2012

In what is a confusing sort of affair, in Cali we can boast of having one of the highest unemployment rates, plus one of the highest migration of job providing businesses due largely to the fact Cali has one of the most unfriendly business climates. I fail to realize as to what drives the State’s legislature to think that by mistreating the business people, they can actually produce more needed revenue, but it doesn’t stop there. As more money is needed to keep this collection of useless individual sitting in their nice comfy plush leather chairs while diddling one another, their solution is to raise taxes. On the other hand, there is also the glorious EDD (Employment Development Department)…  Yeah, baby…!!  A grandious name for the most useless department in the entire system. First, the EDD does not develop any sort of employment other than for themselves and as for being a viable department, a person in need of assistance can never get anyone on the phone, as they refuse to answer. They operate in anonymity and periodically will answer  queries by email, so my question is- Why in the hell does California really need for this over-bloated department when it doesn’t do squat. My opinion and strong suggestion- The EDD needs to be closed and the job given to outsources that can do much better at huge money savings. This idea should help bring the need for revenue much closer to its goal…   Contact your corresponding member of the legislature and make a complaint. The worse thing to do is to keep quiet…  It’s our State and we all need to get involved.


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