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Unemployed in California? You need to read this…

August 15, 2012

California has been suffering from an unemployment rate of between 10.8 and 11.1% for a long time now and it’s doing little about it. The legislature of the so called Golden State has been recognized and one of the most unfriendly group of fools towards the job creators and this has created a massive outflow of companies leaving the State for better and more beneficial environments somewhere else, but there is one more and very laughable department that we must not forget to mention, but that we should be considering doing something about- I refer to the mighty and extremely lethargic EDD –

The Employment Development Department, better known as the EDD, just happens to be the biggest and most expensive joke of the entire California State Government group of lousy departments for the simple reason that starting with the name, it is the most insulting department to deal with, followed by the DMV, but that’s a separate and up-coming story.

The Employment Development Department, DOES NOT develop any short of employment what-so-ever, other than do provide jobs to their massive staff which is distributed all across the State, but has no actual offices where an applicant can actually walk in and talk to a human being about getting some sort of assistance. Where is years back, the department actually provided applicants in need with leads to actual jobs, this practice has been discontinued, along with basic stuff, such as answering the phone, showing some sort of concern for the applicants needs or the supplying of any sort of courtesy, the department is manned by the most ill-mannered group of thugs who delight in being short and rude if and when, by appointment based on their time only, they grace the applicant with a phone call, which based on Gestapo practices, they send you a note, with a date and exact time they will call; and heavens save the people if one misses the call, as the applicant will be screwed forever before the anointed ones grant you another audience.

In the end, the unemployed applicant really has no control of what takes place in the least. Try sending an email- The departments method of choice for communication; and very much like the rest of the actions this department takes, is shielded by anonymity and rude comments that leave the questions unanswered, and problems still unresolved, and the applicant completely stressed out and without any sort of resolution to the problem.

Mired by strange formulas and the weirdest of regulations that someone copied from something not even remotely close to being a logical employment based manual, these silly people enjoy the power of referring the applicant to the magic of the California Employment Handbook, a meaningless and useless rag better suited for birdcage lining material, than an information source, these people don’t do anything at all that can be construed as being of great assistant for those with a problem of locating work, so my question is and still remains- Why in hell do we need to be paying a huge number of useless union protected employees that are supposed to be helping fix the enormous unemployment problem in our State, but are not doing anything even close to it???  In my opinion, the State of California would do much better; and save huge amounts of tax money, by subletting the function of making the Unemployment Insurance payments and handling the claims to an independent company like ADP, Ceridian or even Oracle. These companies have the necessary juice to make the claims flow fast and efficient and save loads of money to the State. It is money that the citizens of the State will not have to pay in the form of increased taxes, benefits and pensions for a massive number of unnecessary workers.

If reform is to take place in California, every citizens needs to get involved in making a change. Why not start with this department. To recap, the EDD is not helping resolve the unemployment issue, all they do is make payments and they are never available to help in person or phone. Do we really need the burden of paying for a service we get nothing from???  Act now. Write your representative and demand the EDD be closed.


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