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Clint, baby…!! You rock…

August 31, 2012

While this blog is about California and this topic is from a national political event, Clint Eastwood is one of us and his participation at the GOP Convention was one heck of a stellar performance that needs to be recognized. Granted, a bit over the top for many critics from the other side, his unscripted and completely off the cuff parody of a conversation with President Obama was nothing short then brilliant.

While the routine, from the looks of the many negative comments, was less favorable with members of the Democratic/Liberal Media and their followers, let’s make sure it’s understood that “Dirty Harry” is not a stand-up comedian; and his routine was a vehicle to reach the ears of those sitting on the fence not fully decided as to which way to go. For the heavy critics and rude commentators, we get it, guys…

You are a dedicated bunch of Obama fans that will not accept any sort of negative point of view towards your lord and master, but the facts are what they are and Eastwood brought forth in his slow cadence and long pauses the meat of the problem in a very sophisticated and elegant way that was clear and to the point – “Mr. Obama, you have lied and not met your promises as dictated of the leader of a nation in need”

In the charming charade, Old Clint came forth and stood in front of thousands of attendees and millions of viewers and delivered a fatherly note to a sitting president who has failed to meet the nation’s challenges, who has blamed his predecessor for everything, a leader who has failed to enforce unpopular but necessary laws, who has not done anything to better the conditions of the nation, one that has incurred insurmountable debt, placed our soldiers in Afghanistan at risk by his penchant for stardom and one that has prostituted himself and sold the values of our nation for the sake of remaining in office.

The spoof was paced a little long, granted, but delivered in a manner becoming of a gentleman chastising his president for lacking in resolve and completely devoid of any leadership; and for that, I thank our California citizen, Mr. Clint Eastwood. It took guts to stand there in the nakedness of a political rally and deliver a pointed satire of political nature while poking fun at self and while fully understanding his routine would be fodder for the contrary media to exploit over and over. To the savvy listener the message was crystal clear- “The country is in trouble and it needs help and if I have to make a fool of myself to help, so be It.”; and for that, Clint, yes sir…  – Go on…!!!  Make our day…!!


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