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California- Moving into the Purple Region?

September 12, 2012

Are Californian’s finally coming into their senses and moving the State a bit into the Purple Regions? I really hope so. California’s Liberal politicians have gone over the top in being way too cocky in their thinking that they can do no wrong? That they can over-step the boundaries of common sense and do at will what they dare to criticize of members of the opposition? Personally, I feel that for some the time is coming closer and closer to the end of the line.

Take Governor Jerry Brown. He lied and cajoled his way up the election ladder the last election by bringing into focus an illegal alien’s fake boo-hoo-hoo story when in fact the State of California needed Meg Whitman more than it needed an eternally useless aging has been politician that had nothing left to offer to the State but rear-end union kissing, raising taxes and stupid platitudes. A colorful character full of anecdotes and off the wall sayings is not at all what the Golden State needed at the moment, but just the same the bellicose nature of the California voter, rather than seeing the reality of the circumstances and making a smart albeit tough choice, went down the easy road and placed this poor excuse for a leader in power once again. I suppose that the satisfaction of going down the road to destruction with a geriatric and less than capable governor gives a certain amount of pride for some, but again, the time is coming when even the most fervent members of the Blue Party will not be able to justify putting millions in peril just for the sake of staying Democratic.

The first one that I feel very strongly will be sent down the road to the pasture is Senator Feinstein. She has been ineffective and completely unaccomplished long enough. Oh, periodically one hears a bit of chairs rustling in her neighborhood, but she has been a guest of our tax dollar for forty plus years and has very little to show for it, but the last straw was the fact she felt so powerful as to not answer an interviewer’s questions really sticks in some of her follower’s throats, as it makes the entire Democratic Party look like they are not worthy of being accountable. The fact she did the Eastwood empty chair, was funny, but patting the interviewer in the condescending manner she did and leaving without a look back was enough for many to say- Enough is enough.

We are lacking proper representation from the federal people as it is and plans are for a heavy duty change come November. On the other hand, California needs to have some very needed changes in order to get the hum-mm back in our State. Why not start with electing Feisnteins challenger and go from there. Next Boxer and Pelosi, Waxman, Maxine Waters and any other useless piece of drift wood we have over there, but we must also make changes to the State’s legislature. Subject for another day…


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