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Glad to hear about a man of character

September 13, 2012

Many people witnessed a car pursuit yesterday in the Los Angeles area. While being pursued, the robbers started to toss handfuls of money out of their car in an attempt to create mayhem.  A man, Mr. Reyes, in South Central L.A. picked up some of the money off the street and returned it to the police, while the rest of the shameful society of this part of town begged the robbers to toss more. I am so glad to see that even at the lowest and most despicable time in our city’s history, there are people who still recognize right from wrong and are not ashamed to put it to good use.

It doesn’t take a huge amount of brain power to recognize why some are so enthralled by the present administration; and it’s not getting political, but just stating facts. The Obama administration has fostered the idea that people are owed. In this case, since the money was robbed from a bank, it becomes fair game for everyone to have a little taste.

It is a moronic justification, but the facts are there in plain sight. People are in the middle of a madrasah of sorts, a place in time where people are being indoctrinated into the world of dependency rather than the world of free thinking. Radicalized in a way that accepts these followers are akin to being sheep and no longer counted as viable members of our society.

Well, it just so happens that there is liberated people out there that don’t drink this Kool-Aid. Open minded folks willing to buck the tide and act their conscience and in so doing, set an example that is worth following. Kudos to Mr. Reyes! Regardless of the amount that was returned by him to the police, his actions need to be made public time and time again by all media, as showing this man’s strength of character, will show the other side’s poor quality and lack of judgment. To the beggars asking for money to be thrown to them, all I can say is that pocketing that money makes you as filthy and as much of derelicts as those that held up the bank. No more than common thieves encouraging thieves to see you as their tools for the next bank job. Not exactly a badge of courage, but instead, a badge of shame. Something I’m sure nobody will be proud to share…


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